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Good Shepherd Lutheran School offers an extensive program of courses and opportunities that expand student learning and educational experiences beyond the standard curriculum.



Recognizing the importance of reading to a students’ academic success, Good Shepherd offers programs to help students at all reading levels to strengthen their skills in reading and comprehension. Good Shepherd has a reading specialist on staff to provide individualized support to students needing added support in reading.


Good Shepherd after school teachers provide direction and assistance to students in after-school homework clinics.


Good Shepherd offers support to students and their families to enrich their educational experience.

  • Daily hot lunch program
  • Online school communications site
  • Before- and after-school care
  • Staff work days and school closure care (spring break, winter break, etc)

Our school families and students also benefit from the many resources available through our connection to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, such as worship services, Vacation Bible School, First Communion, pastoral counseling and community service opportunities.


Students in all grade levels attend a weekly worship service with their classes in the on-campus sanctuary. These services offer meaningful worship in which students hear God’s word, get to know Good Shepherd’s pastors and sing God’s praises.

Offerings are received each week at chapel to go to charitable and/or mission endeavors identified by Good Shepherd Lutheran School. Parents are welcome to attend chapel but are asked to sign in with the school office first.

A distinguished education at Good Shepherd Lutheran School includes M.A.S.T. a math and science technology enrichment program for kindergarten through sixth grade. The Digital Age has equipped students with a wide array of tools which are new to their generation. When used wisely, technology supports higher learning.

The M.A.S.T class curriculum is project-based to:

  • Reinforce grade level TEKS. (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) According to the U.S. Department of Education report Reimagining the Role of Technology in Education, “Learning principles transcend specific technologies. However, when carefully designed and thoughtfully applied, technology has the potential to accelerate, amplify, and expand the impact of powerful principles of learning.”
  • Nurture the cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of each student. The Department of Education report has this to say about the use of technology for non-cognitive development: “A key part of non-cognitive development is fostering a growth mindset about learning. Growth mindset is the understanding that abilities can be developed through effort and practice and leads to increased motivation and achievement.”
  • Foster academic excellence by growing problem solvers. M.A.S.T. teachers guide each student to think deeply and persevere through to a successful outcome and beyond to innovation. We accomplish this through the use of a wide array of technology tools like programmable robots, 3D printing, digital microscopes, e-publishing, an interactive smart board, and much more!

Ginger W. Craddock – M.A.S.T. | Math and Science Technology

Ginger Craddock is a successful business owner and educator with twenty-five years of experience. Curiosity fuels her passion for life and education. When Ginger hears a need she immediately begins to think, “What are the solutions?”

When you combine curiosity with a solutions oriented mind set and a love for students you find the intersection of Ginger’s heart for education. Her goal is to foster a love for life long learning, exploration, and innovation into the heart and mind of each student she serves.

“I see your potential. It rumbles below the surface. A dream. Today, I want you to take one step toward turning your dream into your success.” ~ Ginger W. Craddock

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Through research-based curriculum, Good Shepherd Lutheran School provides a distinguished education in a Christ-centered environment.

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